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In my youngin' days, I grew up on a farm in Kansas. It wasn't unusual to hear coyotes howlin' in the distance, especially at my uncle's farm. Now I live near and work at Kunsan Air Base, Korea - the Home of the Wolfpack, where we hear the howlin' of fighter airplanes on the Frontier of Freedom. In between, I did plenty of my own personal howlin' - as a young airman, as a father, as a retiree and now as a grandpa! Welcome to Howlin' Rob's Blog!

New, Revolutionary Email Solution For Internet Professionals

Oh, yeah – THIS is something I’ll be howlin’ about for a LONG time! Like most people in our industry, you spend far too much time going through useless emails, and trying to put an end to the spam you … Continue reading

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Howlin’ for Safe Driving!

I know you don’t really want to see these – they’re pretty graphic. But Howlin’ Rob would rather you see these PSA videos here than be starring in one someday! So ‘buckle up’ and take a ride through these 13 … Continue reading

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Howlin’ with the White Arctic Wolf!

Beautiful Arctic Wolf showing off to San Diego Zoo visitors how the wolves up north howl! Have YOU heard a wolf howl? Watch this blog for more short clips as I find them. Howl on!   P.S.: Have you fed … Continue reading

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A Howlin’ Second Look at ‘MSI’

Multiple Streams of Income (MSI) Is this what you think of when you hear “MSI”? You know, the concept of having income coming from different sources: Your job Your spouse’s job  Your investments  Your savings accounts A Home Business Etc. … Continue reading

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Howlin’ for Mummified Meat! (Egyptian jerky?!)

Ever wondered if the millions of Egyptian workers who labored for over 100 years to build the pyramids had tender, tasty jerky to help fortify them with all that energy it took to move mountains of stone? Well, yes, it … Continue reading

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Howlin’ Scary!

Halloween Howlin’ time is here! What actually scares you? Do you feel the thrill of terror by watching horror movies? Are you cautious going around corners? Do you check your closets before you go to bed? We have something to … Continue reading

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Howlin’ Rob is in the house (Featuring Howlin’ Tex)!

Welcome to Howlin’ Rob’s Blog! Walk with me as I wander around looking for wonderful things, places, foods and people to HOWL about! Let’s not howl about what makes us sad, or mad, or out of pity or in despair. … Continue reading

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