Howlin’ Scary!

Scary Pumpkin

Halloween Howlin’ time is here!

What actually scares you? Do you feel the thrill of terror by watching horror movies? Are you cautious going around corners? Do you check your closets before you go to bed?

We have something to REALLY scare you! Are you ready? Hold on to your lunch and go to and BE VERY SCARED!

Have fun! And Howl on!

About HowlinRob

In my youngin' days, I grew up on a farm in Kansas. It wasn't unusual to hear coyotes howlin' in the distance, especially at my uncle's farm. Now I live near and work at Kunsan Air Base, Korea - the Home of the Wolfpack, where we hear the howlin' of fighter airplanes on the Frontier of Freedom. In between, I did plenty of my own personal howlin' - as a young airman, as a father, as a retiree and now as a grandpa! Welcome to Howlin' Rob's Blog!
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