Howlin’ for Mummified Meat! (Egyptian jerky?!)


Ever wondered if the millions of Egyptian workers who labored for over 100 years to build the pyramids had tender, tasty jerky to help fortify them with all that energy it took to move mountains of stone?

Well, yes, it seems that there was a form of jerky – actually mummified meat (called ‘meat mummies’!) that were dried, flavored and wrapped in linen – back then. BUT it wasn’t for the workers…it was for the kings/pharaohs to go into the afterlife with!

While we apparently can’t claim that ‘meat mummies’ were meant to be jerky for everyday consumption by the masses, it does seem that ‘meat mummies’ had something in common with modern(?)-day jerky…it was well-preserved and might even taste a bit like teriyaki!


Make mountains and Howl On!

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  3. We’ve done quite a bit on human Egyptian mummies and even a fair bit on animal mummies,” he explains. In order to find out which chemicals were used to mummify meat, Evershed and his team used mass spectroscopy to analyze samples of the bandages taken from four meat mummies housed in Egypt’s Cairo Museum and the British Museum in London.

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