Howlin’ with the White Arctic Wolf!

Beautiful Arctic Wolf showing off to San Diego Zoo visitors how the wolves up north howl!

Have YOU heard a wolf howl? Watch this blog for more short clips as I find them.

Howl on!


P.S.: Have you fed your good wolf today? Read my “About Me” page if you don’t know what I mean.

About HowlinRob

In my youngin' days, I grew up on a farm in Kansas. It wasn't unusual to hear coyotes howlin' in the distance, especially at my uncle's farm. Now I live near and work at Kunsan Air Base, Korea - the Home of the Wolfpack, where we hear the howlin' of fighter airplanes on the Frontier of Freedom. In between, I did plenty of my own personal howlin' - as a young airman, as a father, as a retiree and now as a grandpa! Welcome to Howlin' Rob's Blog!
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