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wisechoiceHello! I’d like to introduce myself.

I’m Howlin’ Rob Dunn. And for many years, I’ve been listening to howls – of many different kinds.

From coyotes on my uncle’s farm and from dogs on my dad’s farm in Kansas. From fellow students facing homework deadlines. From fellow airmen (yes, I am retired US Air Force) celebrating graduations, successful inspections and accomplished missions, etc. From kids (mine and others) as they face the consequences of their choices. From young mothers giving birth and from their husbands in the waiting room. From adults who can’t understand the dire situations they got themselves into. And from those who achieve what others (and sometimes, they) never thought possible.

I’ve listened to howls of joy and howls of pain, howls of frustration and despair and howls of friendship. Sometimes the howls are disconcerting and disturbing. Sometimes the howls are soothing and pleasurable.

Somewhere along the way, I listened to the parable of the Indian Chief who was telling his sons how each one of us has two wolves inside of us, one a good and loving wolf and one an angry and destructive wolf. He told his sons that the two wolves inside of us are constantly battling for superiority within us. When one of the sons asked, “Which one will win?”, the Chief simply answered, “Whichever one you feed.”

When I heard the parable, I realized that some people had just fed the angry and destructive wolf and that their howls were a reflection of the unhappy, unloving wolf inside of them.

Others, however, had fed the good wolf and they were the ones whose howls were gleeful and encouraging and full of the joys of living with balance and respect.

It is the howls of the good wolf that I wanted to seek out and hear.

And it is the Howlin’ of all the good wolves among us that I intend to pursue and present here in this blog.

It’s an undeniable fact that way too much of the angry wolves’ howlings are seemingly everywhere around us – in the media, in disturbed relationships, in the activities of people who have lost hope and direction. But there are still a lot of Howlin’s we can listen to that reveals compassion, kindness, encouragement and bravery in the midst of the madness creeping around us.

Those are the Howls I listen for and those are the Howls that I am here to help YOU hear, too! Listen closely and amidst the noise of the angry and desperate wolves, you will also learn to hear the placating sounds of the peaceful, loving and kind wolves. Seek out, listen to, hear and follow those kinder Howls so that you may also be soothed. Let yourself become aware that the more you feed the good wolf, the stronger it becomes. Then when YOU feel the urge to Howl, it will be a joyous, supportive and triumphant Howlin’.

Join me, Howlin’ Rob (and little Howlin’ Tex!), and let us show those around us how good wolves HOWL!

(Thanks to the Wolfpack at Kunsan Air Base, Korea, for the inspiration!)

Howlin’ for Success!

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  1. Dave Hayes says:

    Hi Rob,

    Great site, brilliant story as well, about the ‘Howlin’ ~ Like you, I am also ex services, Police, but in the UK, thats where I am based.

    Love blog, you have some good content on it & Look forward to reading more


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