510x345_vectorizedThe Fun, Unique and Simple Jerky Direct business is the only business for me, Howlin’ Rob! I joined Jerky Direct in April 2005 – and never left!

It is Fun, because – hey, it’s Jerky!

It’s Unique, because – face it, it’s Jerky with a business!

And it’s Simple, because – well, it’s Jerky!

The only thing that could be better, after the company split its other Premium Products into a ‘sister’ company in 2008, was Support.

And that is where ‘Fearless’ Peg Phillips and ‘Ever-ready’ Donna Soffen came up with the idea behind Super6Power. They developed a Fun, Unique, Simple Support marketing system and invited yours truly to provide input.

The “F.U.S.S.” system was born out of the necessity to offer genuine Support to our distributors and to take a lot of the marketing burden off them.

It is not necessary for me (or for any of our members) to go into much detail since our Free Web Tour does that for us! Specifically designed to ensure an enlightening and duplicatable presentation EVERY time, our Web Tour can be accessed at

We truly Keep It Super Simple! Our “F.U.S.S.” system has just 3 Action Steps –

  • Invite curious people to your Free Tour,
  • Enroll new distributors and
  • Register them with Super6Power!

That makes us “F.U.S.S.-I.E.R.” than anyone else in Network Marketing!

Most folks want a healthier snack than what’s lurking in vending machines and in the ‘junk food section’ of their grocery stores. (Some don’t, but…frankly, they probably just watch TV reruns and don’t really want to improve their lives anyway.)

Most people will consider a Fun and Simple home business over a complicated and uncomfortable one. (Sure, there are those who think ‘complicated’ equals ‘happy’…and they are usually boring, right?)

Most people eat jerky (40%) or know someone who does (nearly 100%). Most people (100%!) know someone who could use more ‘money to the month’. (There may be some, but…obviously, there aren’t many!)

If you like Fun (eating jerky), Uniqueness (making a Difference with a popular snack), Simple (sharing information with people who already know what jerky is!) and you appreciate Support (from a whole Team!), then Howlin’ Rob needs YOU to check us out!

Howl on!

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