Challenges of Choice

Choice Can Cause Discomfort

Having the ability to Choose – that gift we have as humans – can sometimes feel like a burden!

Did I make the right choice? Should I choose this or that? Is there another choice? Why do I have to choose NOW? What happens if I don’t choose anything?

I lose myself at times in those movies (Back to the Future, Time Cop, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, and more) where the character has the chance to go back and make a different choice, or set of choices, that will bring about a different set of circumstances (preferably those that are more desirable!). But I am also a realist.

Different Choices, Different Outcomes

While different choices can lead to different outcomes (?and different timelines?), I know that it doesn’t matter to the person I am right now, in this timeline. What I have to work with is – what is the likely outcome of any particular choice I make? and is the likely outcome worth making the choice?

Many times every day we are forced (given the opportunity?) to make choices – and we inevitably choose SOMETHING. Get out of the house late and take the shortcut, even though we know it will be busy and frustrating. Or go earlier and take alternate roads to bypass the busy route that others are taking.We make choices all day long

Eat lunch by ourself or ask a co-worker to join us. Make a call or put it off. Surf the internet or write an article. Eat spaghetti for supper or pork chops. Choices, choices, choices all day long!

Choosing to Avoid Something

More often than not, a lot of our choices involve safety and security, in other words avoiding ‘pain’. In this case, ‘pain’ can just be discomfort (eating a new food) or a feeling of not being in control (like taking a different, unfamiliar route to work). It can also involve worry or fear, like moving to a new neighborhood or city you are not yet comfortable with.

Then there are times in life where we may need to make a Drastic Choice, like realizing the need to change jobs, dealing with things such as the death of someone close, divorce, financial loss, or even facing the issue that you are NOT going where you want to go.

When the choice is unclear and the outcome is unknown (and maybe unknowable!), but the ‘calling’, the Vision is so strong that – whether nudged, pushed, or kicked – we HAVE to choose, that is when we enter into Joseph Campbell’s “Hero’s Journey”. (Search for the movie Finding Joe.)

Facing the Challenges of Choice

Choosing to leave one’s comfort zone and step into the unknown, knowing that this is the only way to find your true self and ultimate purpose, is very challenging – and often Scary! But it happens to everyone, somewhere along this journey of life.

If not today, then maybe tomorrow or the next day, you will likely have to make a choice. (Have you read Who Moved My Cheese?) You can either choose to stay where you are, hoping things will get better (someone will bring more cheese) or you can step into the unknown and go find what you truly desire! It is out there – waiting for you!

Make a Great Choice!

About Rob Dunn

In my youngin' days, I grew up on a farm in Kansas. Now I live near an Air Base overseas and work my Network Business worldwide. What a switch, huh? Yes, I learned a lot over many years but the most important lesson I learned is "We ALL have a Choice as to what we want to achieve in life!" Welcome to Great Daily Choices blog!
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