Choices Concerning Low Energy in Men – Pt 2

Why Men Have Low Energy (Serial) – Part 2

What Causes Low Energy in Men and What are Their Choices

Thyroid issues

Hypothyroidism, or low levels of thyroid hormone, can wreak havoc on your energy levels. This condition may be due to an autoimmune disease in which your immune system attacks your thyroid. While it’s more common in women, it can occur in men and become severe if early symptoms are ignored.

Symptoms of hypothyroidism include:

fatigueCatching sleep on a bus
sensitivity to cold
weight gain
muscle aches
dry skin
thinning hair

Interestingly, low levels of thyroid hormone can lead to low levels of testosterone (see Part 1), linking the two problems and the possibility for experiencing fatigue. Treating low thyroid hormone may improve fatigue as well as other symptoms. Treatment may also help prevent complications like goiter, heart disease, and neuropathy.

Hyperthyroidism, or an overactive thyroid, can also cause fatigue due to a racing heart, high blood pressure, sleep troubles, and an overtaxed system.

This second excerpt (of seven) is from an article, published by, that was drawn from publications by the following organizations –

– National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability (NCHPAD)
– Sleep Foundation
– Mayo Clinic
– National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)

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