Net-?what? NetWORK?

That’s right! You need to NetWORK!

Sorry. But you did NOT hear me wrong! Network. Net-work. NetWORK! 

Networking is one thing we humans have learned to do well – we do it all the time! We all build small ‘nets’ of people to share our different interests with.

Building your networks

If we are into gardening, we love to talk gardening with other gardeners. If woodworking is our thing, we often seek out other wood craftsmen with whom we can talk about it. Whenever you have any interest or hobby, you can build a ‘network’ of people around it. You could join a network of other devotees of the subject matter; or you might just start a network to find others with the same interest. And networks overlap!

When you network with others, you often find out other things they may have an interest in. Some will not be to your taste; some you may want to find out more about. So how do you ‘network’ with others? 

And when it comes to your own particular business, what are the best ways to network that will help you reach your goals?  To put it bluntly, until you learn to network effectively, you will struggle with this business! So…Let’s go over some good ways to network, ok? 

Ways to Effectively Build Your Net

(For example purposes, I will use a health product I promote – a transdermal HGH gel.)

 1. Take a look at your current ‘nets’. If you know people who are the athletic type, e.g., weight- lifters, runners, or sports players, you have a great Net! You might know a parent or grandparent who claims they don’t have enough energy to keep up with the kids – you have a great Net! And if you know anyone who has trouble sleeping or would like to control their moods better (because of hormonal swings), you have a great Net! 

2. As you think about these ‘nets’ above, you might realize that you do NOT have people like that in your life. It would be to your advantage, then, to join or get to know people in one or more of them. Even if you don’t prefer to be in one of these ‘nets’, you can ask people who you do get together with if they are in any ‘nets’ like these or know people who are. 

3. Start NOW to expand whatever network you are in, no matter what it is about. The more people you are networked with, the easier it will be to find someone who would be interested in your product and/or an opportunity to make extra money through THEIR networks! 

4. Always remember that the goal is NOT necessarily to build an extensive network by yourself. Instead, your goal is to find a few interested people who already have the networks that, when approached, could build your downline in depth! 

Happy Networking!

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How Sticky are YOU?


There’s much to be said about being sticky!

We can do anything we want to if we stick to it long enough.– Helen Keller

Edison - Stick-to-it-ivity!

 Yes, a LOT of successful people say that ‘sticking to it’ is something that has made them successful! Edison also said, “Nearly every man who develops an idea, works it up to the point where it looks impossible, and then he gets discouraged. That’s not the place to become discouraged.” There are literally hundreds of references to this concept! Sticky is hard to come by these days, however, with the current “I want it NOW or I’m leaving” mentality. But guess, what? It is NECESSARY if you are going to succeed in this business! 

To Be Sticky Takes Time

No flower shop owner who only stayed open for one week can become successful at selling flowers. No newly opened car dealership would give up and quit when they hadn’t sold enough cars in 2 months to cover their costs.  And no sane person who forked over a $60,000-100,000 franchise fee (before all the other expenses it takes to hire employees, buy advertising and supplies, etc.) would expect to make a profit before the 5-year point unless they also had decided to stick it out.

Likewise, no one in a Network Marketing business can become successful if they only wanted to stick to it for only 3 weeks, 2 months, 6 months or ANY ‘defined’ period of time! Frankly put, you will only become successful with your Network Marketing business if you stay UNTIL you are successful! As Darin Kidd is fond of saying, “I will – Until!” 

And with most !legitimate! Network Marketing companies (in contrast to many higher priced home business opportunities), you won’t break the bank, either! (Even if you ‘just use the product or service’ yourself for an extended period of time before you get started – like I did!)  

Additional Principles

Besides Edison’s three essentials in the graphic above, the three principles involved with success are: – Consistency (learning the skills and applying them in your Daily Method of Operation) – Persistence (staying consistent through the inevitable ups and, yes, downs) – Patience (accepting that success is never instant, seldom quick, and usually takes awhile).

With the right attitude, Edison’s three essentials, pertinent skills, and the three principles above, you will have developed the ‘stickiness’ it takes to be a success at whatever you pursue!  

Here’s to Stick-to-itivity!

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Know Your New Team Member’s “Why”!

It’s Never Just About Money

Time and time again we see ads that focus specifically on “making more money” when the real reasons for doing this business aren’t even touched upon in the advertising. There is so much more depth in marketing a Network Marketing opportunity than most people ever think about or even consider. If you let your new person just focus on ‘making money’ with your business, you’re missing out on really helping them understand their true reason. 

Ask Until You Get the Real ‘Why’

In order to really help your new distributor, you have to reach to the more emotional side of the answer to the question “Why do you want to start a business for yourself?”. You have to dig deeper. You have to keep asking “Why” until you get down to the “root” of the answer. Once you start to do that, you’ll see there are endless ways to advertise your opportunity, and endless emotional “triggers” that you can hit along the way in order to give people what they really want. So, when we ask people WHY they want to start their own home business, we ask them to really think about it first. Why? Really, why? (In fact, here is a conversation you can have with yourself which will help in your marketing…) 

Go Ahead – Ask Yourself

The answer you most often get is: “Because I want to make (more, extra, lots of) money.” Really? Is that really “why” you want to get into this business? The money? Honestly, we don’t think so. Sure, the money may be the “top level reason” why you want to do this. But who cares, we all want to make more money..Why? Why do you want to make more money? Think about it…

Now complete this sentence: “I want to make more money because…”

Let’s use an example here.

Work From Home

“.. I want my online business to pay my mortgage every month.”

(Ok, good start. The mortgage helper.) “But WHY do you want your mortgage to be paid off every month?”

“So I can have some extra money left over at the end of the month.”

(Now we’re getting somewhere.) “So… WHY do you want some extra money every month?”

So I can save the money to take my kids on a great vacation in the summer.”

“Fantastic.. but WHY do you want to take your kids on a great vacation?”

“It gives us quality time with our kids and we will create some lifelong family memories.”

“Yes, but WHY are these lifelong family memories so important to you?”

“Because that’s what my parents did for me when I was a child.”

“WHY is it important that you do this for YOUR kids?”

“It made me happy as a child and I appreciated it, and I want my kids to be happy as well..”

Excellent. We won’t take it any further but do you see what we got from this conversation? We started at: “.. to make more money” and we got all the way down to “.. to make my kids happy”. Everything in between are ideas and advertising triggers you can use that go far beyond the money-making aspect of your marketing opportunity.

The Gold is Revealed

The information you get from a conversation like this is pure gold. It almost always starts the same and ends the same. From “making money” to “happiness”. The steps in between are what you’re looking for. We all know that making more money can make us happier – but you have to ask “WHY” in order to get to the good marketing stuff.

Do this exercise yourself, and think of different responses that people may have to the top level questions. Just replace the answer about paying the mortgage to something else.. maybe something like “.. because I want to quit my job.” Well… WHY do you want to quit your job? See what I mean? All you have to do is ask WHY. 

So…”WHY are YOU in your Network Marketing business?”

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Create and Tell YOUR STORY – not Facts

Keep Calm - Tell Your Story

There are dozens, or maybe hundreds, of ways to market any product, service or opportunity, but none are as good as your story!

Most of the ‘sales pitches’ you hear or read are, in some way, derived from company literature or from product features. And, if that is how you are ‘selling’ your company’s product or opportunity, almost all of these ways make you sound just like everyone else doing the same thing.

That’s not why people buy from YOU!

There are hundreds/thousands of Distributors in your Network Marketing company throughout the US, and maybe the world. How do you stand out? How do you get people to buy from YOU, either as a retail customer, preferred customer or distributor? Are you counting on chance? Luck? The right timing? The right place?

If you are using generic copy taken off the company website, or descriptions of products that everyone can read from your storefront, then your chances are not good.

So what can you do to make sure more customers or potential distributors make the decision to buy product from YOU or join YOU?

Why Stories?

Well, you first have to understand several things about your potential customers…

  • everyone wants to know more about the benefits than the features
  • they want to feel good making the purchase from you
  • people listen more to engaging stories than to facts
  • they act more on emotions than on logic

Translation? Instead of dragging out info about the company, the comp plan, or even details about all the different products available, you should be telling a heart-felt personal story about an experience YOU had (are having) with a/the product and how it has benefited (is benefiting) YOU!

This takes some serious consideration! This takes concentration and, quite likely, many drafts and revisions. But think of the effect it will have on everyone who hears your story – they will love it! They will want to have the same experience and the same benefits you are enjoying!

Take time – NOW, before you make any more posts of Facebook or send out any more ads – to CREATE your story. Make it fairly short, something you can tell in a short time.

If you are thinking of working on your ‘elevator spiel’, think of just telling a story! (Definitely do NOT just regurgitate facts and figures!)

So craft your story, make it sound natural, use engaging words and phrases, and PRACTICE IT over and over! Let your enthusiasm show; be confident about your choice; be open and willing to help others develop THEIR own great story!

And Stay Calm – your story will work for you!

Think about this every day!

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$65,000 Business – Want One?

Some brick-n-mortar statistics:

  • The average startup cost for a business in the US in 2015 was $65,000.
  • Owners of startups normally work 50-80 hours a week.
  • Most startups only start making a profit 3 to 5 years after starting.
  • On average, however, 50% of startups fail within 4 years.

These statistics normally shock the employee-minded part of the population. Thoughts of such a large investment, the long hours, the lack of profitability for so many years, and the risk of failure usually have the effect of dissuading most people from starting their own business.

Yet, surprisingly, to an entrepreneur, these statistics look quite favorable. They EXPECT to spend money from the start, EXPECT to put in long hours to make it work, EXPECT to delay gratification until the business is successful, and they ARE WILLING to risk failure because Wild Success is possible!

Another way?

What if there was another way for an entrepreneurial-minded person to have a startup business that

  • doesn’t involve a large starting investment
  • is possible to start on a part-time (15-30 hours a week) basis
  • could start generating profits within a few months
  • isn’t going to fail unless the owner
    • doesn’t accept training
    • won’t put in the few necessary hours
    • isn’t working the business like it’s a $65,000 business
    • simply quits?

But there IS such a way. It’s called Network Marketing. And for the entrepreneurial-minded person, it makes more sense IF the first set of statistics above are even a little bit scary.

Specifically, you can start your own home business for under $200/mo and, once you get the proper training and work your business like it is a $65.000 business, CAN generate a monthly income of more than $5000 by the end of your first year. (Guess what? Unlike the business owner who is struggling to PAY OFF that $65K, you will have earned over $65,000 – in pure profit – by the end of your first two years!)

You have a Choice!

There are Catches!

Unfortunately, there are several catches:


  • HAVE to consider it a $65.000+ business – NOT a $200/mo one.
  • MUST accept training (this is not burger-flipping).
  • NEED to put in the hours (10-20/wk, depending on your goals).
  • HAVE to give yourself 3-5 years to reach your potential.

The best chance you have to reach your goals, to make your dreams (not someone else’s) come true, is to have your own business. Work for yourself. Be your own, hard-driving, boss. Earn what you deserve. Take responsibility for your own economy!

If you are ready, if you have the desire and determination to succeed, if you are willing to own your own life – don’t hesitate…send me a message so I can help you get started. There is no better time than now (except for yesterday!).

We support and train you. We teach you how to train others. No, we do not work FOR you – but we work WITH you all the way. If this is for you (only YOU know that), then let’s get you started on YOUR OWN $65,000 business!

Most people have read this far and are excited and ready to succeed, but…some aren’t(!)…you know the ones…they would rather complain, play video games, and chat on Facebook than actually do something for themselves and their families.

Would you like to get started now?

Rob Dunn

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3 Steps to Get Yourself off to a Great Start

3 Things to Do to Start Right

TIP: You should really consider building your business like you would build your dream house. That is, Start Right by knowing exactly what it is going to look like BEFORE you start digging a hole. Or bringing even one 2×4 board to the site.

(Kindly set aside the next hour to do this for yourself!)

In this post I want you to do 3 things, in the order I give them to you. These 3 steps will get you off to a great start and virtually ensure your success. Remember – This whole process will take you about an hour. However, it will be the Most Important hour you spend if you want to succeed!

First, watch this video by Ray Higdon on the importance of writing down your goals (about 12:50):

Second, when you understand what Ray is saying, then take a few more minutes to listen to Earl Nightingale’s superb audio about The Strangest Secret (about 38:00):

Thirdly, at the end of the audio, listen for the action step to take – and Take It! Completing the Personal Mission Statement Builder takes you 5-15 minutes to do and it will bring everything together for you.

If you take the initiative to go through these 3 Steps to Start Right, you will have set yourself up for nearly immediate Success!

Finally, be sure to comment below and then share this with your friends, partners, downline, or anybody you want to see succeed.

To Your BEST!

Rob Dunn

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Keys to Success – Key #3

The final key of the 3 Keys to Success that I learned about in a webinar I recently listened to by Tony Jeary is Execution. In case you missed my earlier posts, start with Keys to Success – Key #1

The 3d&final Key of the Keys to Success is Execution!

As I discussed, once you have Key #1 – Clarity – and know exactly what you want to become, it is only natural that you migrate to Key #2 – Focus – where you concentrate on those things that will take you towards your Vision of your new life.

In the same way, once you Focus intently on what you want to achieve and who you want to become, it is natural to want to do something that will move you to your Vision.

This is where you pull yourself out of the dream, away from your Vision Board, up from your chair, and you go ‘get your hands dirty’. It’s Execution time – it’s time to ACT!

No matter how much Clarity you have or how much Focus you have on your Vision, nothing will happen to bring you into your new self or life unless you put Key #3 on your success key ring!

You have to get up and put one step forward. Then the next. Just like you did before.

Success needs Action

Somewhere in your past, you wanted to win something – and you did! Remember? (Hopefully, you ‘won’ more than once, too!) The lesson is – YOU CAN WIN AGAIN! You can win at anything you want, anytime you want, and in any part of your life you want.

Get your key ring out now and get ready – put on the first key – Clarity. Envision the life you want to live and the person you want to become.

Then grab the second key – Focus. Let your Vision become real in your mind. Use your Vision Board to help you ‘see’ yourself in that future you want.

Then slip on Key #3 – Execution. Put ‘skin in the game’ and stop watching from the bleachers! Whatever you want, whoever you want to be IS possible for you. Reach out in the direction of your Focus and take a step. Let your Clarity guide you, motivate you, inspire you and use your Focus to drive you forward one step at a time. With each step, for the first few steps anyway, you probably need to look around and make sure your Vision is still out in front of you and not off to one side or the other.

Then just keep going! And going! And going!

I wish you the best, always.

If you liked this series, go ahead and share it! The more people who understand these 3 Keys of Success, the more people you will be with at the mountaintop!

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Keys to Success – Key #2

The first of the 3 Keys to Success is Clarity. If you didn’t read my earlier post on Key #1, read it now! This next Key assumes you have developed some Clarity.

Without gaining Clarity about what your Vision is, it can be very difficult to continue, so be sure you have at least some Clarity about who you are going to become.

The second of the three keys is Focus.

Once you have Clarity of your vision, and you know where you want to go, what you want to do, and who you want to become (to ‘earn’ what happens!), then you need to concentrate on making it happen!

You need to develop a strong sense of Focus!

In the previous lesson on grabbing Key #1 – Clarity (and in the Bonus post I gave you), one of the things I suggested is that you make yourself a Vision Board. Your Vision Board has positive quotes, notes about how/where/with whom you are going to live, as well as what you are going to be doing and any other particulars/photos about your new lifestyle. You must read/study your Vision Board several times each day.

By keeping the items on your Vision Board in front of your awareness, you will Focus on what you want. This involves, in many instances, suspending your current (soon to be past) beliefs about yourself and what you are capable of.

Your concentration, your Focus, on what is going to happen will begin to open your mind and eyes to new possibilities. With the Clarity you now have of your future, you will seek – even if unconsciously – ways to make that future a reality!

Your Focus will lead you to meet people, do things, read books, listen to audios, watch videos that you have never thought of before. Keeping an open mind and using the guidance of your Vision, you will make new things happen in your life by concentrating on what you and your lifestyle are going to become.

Make no mistake, Focus is hard! Not many of us strive to be Olympic athletes, but you know who will get the gold in the Olympics, right? It won’t be the ‘sometime’ athlete, the ‘weekend’ athlete, or the ‘whenever I feel like practicing’ athlete. It will be that dedicated, persistent, always training athlete – that one who FOCUSES on winning the gold medal!

Focus reveals the Plan you must follow. Focus tells you what you should be doing and also what you should NOT be doing any longer. Some of your friends may wonder why they don’t see you as much any more, and there will always be something trying to divert your attention. STAY FOCUSED!

In the next post, Keys toSuccess – Key #3, we will talk about the final key that will lead to your success. If you haven’t started your Vision Board yet, NOW is the time to set it up and start learning to Focus on it!

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Keys to Success – Key #1 Bonus!

Key #1 – Clarity (Bonus)

Did you do what I recommended in my previous post on Clarity and start your Vision Board yet?

Stuck? Then watch this video. Whether you follow these tips or not, just do something to make your Vision Board now!

Vision Board

You need to really have Clarity before you get the next Key to Success, coming soon.

You don’t have to make all three boards, but it wouldn’t hurt, would it? You have nothing to lose but your Clarity – and if you are going to get everything you want, you have to start with a clear understanding of what it is that will get you there.

Surely you have seen enough detective shows on TV to know that having a board with everything on it that you are after helps to finally get it, right? This is much the same – detail after detail on everything you want staring you in the face everyday and working its way into your brain, pushing you forward and dragging you, kicking and punching, into your destiny!

Maybe you just want to make notes (I’m that kind!) or maybe you do better with pictures – it doesn’t matter. Just do it!

Patrick makes an interesting observation in the video. If you read the comments after the video, you will see that others also thought that having a board was not worth the effort. Maybe you think that, too. But just like Patrick and the others, you WILL find that creating your own Vision Board helps clear your mind, gets you thinking in the right direction, and solidifies your intent to get what you want.

That wouldn’t be so bad, would it?

Take the time and watch the video; it’s worth it if you want to be successful, if you want to make your Network Marketing business work.

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Keys to Success – Key #1

A webinar I listened to the other morning taught me an important lesson about Success. I learned that there are just 3 main keys to achieving the success anyone wants, whether it is in relationships, business, or anything else. You need to start with Key #1 – Clarity.

The first of the three keys is Clarity.

Clarity is the defining of your Vision so clearly that you can feel the Success in your whole being. This is more than goals and decisions. It involves thinking strategically, long-term rather than just of single or incremental achievements.

A good way to get yourself thinking strategically, rather than tactically is to ‘see’ your final results.

  • Where will you be, mentally and/or physically?
  • Who will you be with?
  • What will you be doing?
  • How will you FEEL when you get there?

Using a Vision Board is a great way to define your strategy. Try making small notes about what you will achieve and putting them on your board. (Don’t hesitate to revise these notes every so often!)

Flesh out your board with pictures of your new environment, surroundings, lifestyle. (Don’t just put up pictures of ‘toys’ – they won’t really define the YOU that you are going to become.)

Add the most inspiring quotes you can find, i.e., ones that speak to the person you are going to become. That’s really the key – who you will become. It’s NOT about what you will have or even where you are going to be; it’s only somewhat about who you will be with and what you will be doing.

Your Vision Board is mostly about the changes you are going to be making IN YOURSELF – to Earn the right to be someone who deserves all the rest.

Develop a really clear picture of your future. The clearer the picture, the more likely you will be attracting the new life you want.

Clarity is just the first step and the most important step. Without Clarity, you won’t have any idea where you are going.

“If you don’t know where you are going, you will never get there!”

In the next post, Keys to Success – Key #2. we will talk about the second key that will lead to your success. Go ahead and take the time now to develop Clarity (start your Vision Board!), so that the next key makes sense and so that you can use it right away.

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