Become or Be – Not the Same Choice!

To Be Choice

Yes, you can just BE; you can simply exist. You can do what is safe. You can ‘go along to get along’! There isn’t much to it – you avoid danger, or risk, and you keep yourself alive.

Survival is, indeed, our strongest motivator. You are proof of that; without it, you wouldn’t be here! Your parents, grandparents, and every one of your ancestors survived – and now there is you.

And, surely, survival has had its benefits for you. You learned from those who survived before you how to survive, how to fit in, how to seek protection, how to avoid risky behavior and circumstances.

But, in truth, was that enough? Are you just here to survive? Or are you supposed to do more than just survive?

To Become Choice

So face it, survival involves more than just staying alive – it involves HOW to stay alive. That means learning, and then sharing, tips and tricks on ways to survive better. Even more than that, it involves what to do DURING times when safety and security has been (somewhat) assured!

Were cave paintings of a hunt drawn only to depict the exploits or to help teach others how to carry out a hunt? Are modern writings only to boast of adventure or to show others how to have similar adventures?

Sure, the advantages of the written word, recorded audios, and now the proliferation of videos serves to a large extent to document one’s achievements. Nevertheless, most of the time these achievements, adventures, and experiences are passed on in the hope that they will inspire others to do more and do better thWhat we do for others...emselves.

We can CHOOSE, then, to become motivators, teachers, guides, and the inspiration to others – sometimes thousands of others – so that they, too, can find something in their own lives to pass on. Knowledge, experiences, encouragement, and even achievements that we pass on all show that we can choose to become someone who does more than survive – we can help others to Thrive!

Choices We Make

So, to look at it another way, we always make choices – choices to stay where we are, safe, secure, and not rocking the boat or choices to learn, gain experiences and knowledge, and then share the results of these choices with others. To take it back a few years, we can keep throwing dirt clods at the boar (and maybe hiding from the boar!) or we can choose to create slingshots, pointed sticks, propelled shafts with pointed rocks on the tips, traps, and other ways to help our lineage, our community live better, learn more, and survive even better than those before us.

Choose we must. Yes, many choices involve risk. Fortunately, today the choices we make that involve risk aren’t usually the type that will kill us. If we can get over the thoughts of ‘looking different/out-of-the-ordinary/?crazy?’ and just get creative, we may find that we CAN make choices that will better our own lives and the lives of others.

The question you must ask yourself is, “Since I’m driven to survive, how do I want to survive?”

Here’s to you if you make choices to survive as a BECOMEr rather than just as a BEer!

About Rob Dunn

In my youngin' days, I grew up on a farm in Kansas. Now I live near an Air Base overseas and work my Network Business worldwide. What a switch, huh? Yes, I learned a lot over many years but the most important lesson I learned is "We ALL have a Choice as to what we want to achieve in life!" Welcome to Great Daily Choices blog!
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