Yes, I have a business! After years of working for others, I finally realized that I was NOT dreaming about what I wanted, but had instead submitted to what others wanted. I decided to dream again and the only way to bring about what I wanted meant that I had to have my own business.

Dreaming again – about helping others, making a difference, and leaving a legacy – has led me to discover the benefits of a Network Marketing business!

Although I tried several companies, one for over 10 years, I was still no closer to reaching my goals or achieving my vision. That’s when I found a company that had what I wanted.

Before, I was offering what I thought people ‘wanted’; I thought that would help me find success. What I now realize is that, by offering what people ‘need’ as well as ‘want’, I can be much more successful.

Maybe it was because I got older, but I found that, despite all the ‘stuff’ available to us these days, ‘stuff’ ranked nowhere near as high as Good Health. Despite all the advances we enjoy today, our health is getting worse, not better.

And that is why I chose to be in the company I’m in today. You will find out what that is in this blog! If you chose to learn more, like and subscribe to this blog – it could help you feed the good wolf!


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