Cannabis, Hemp, Marijuana – What?

So What’s the Difference?

The way these three terms are tossed around, almost willy-nilly, has caused SO MUCH CONFUSION, it’s ridiculous!

Let’s once and for all learn the difference and, please(!), let’s all make an attempt to stop creating confusion about this. Okay?

Watch the video below – it’s really short and sweet…and to the point!

One More Distinction

Now that we all know the correct term to use for what we are referring to, let me point out one more significant factor.

Hemp, which we now know is the non-psychoactive variety of cannabis, is also the variety that has lent itself to myriads of uses that have/had absolutely NO relation to the marijuana (psychoactive) version.

Hemp Products

According to a variety of sources, hemp was utilized for centuries for the fibers it contains. From cloth to ropes to paper to food to the first American flag, hemp was actually used in over 25,000 (up to 50,000!) different products. These sources (search Google or Youtube) also state that the first colonists were actually required to grow hemp so that they could make quick use of the potential of the plant. (It grows and can be harvested quickly, as opposed to trees.)

History in a Thimble

About 90-100 years ago, several factors coincided to determine the fate of hemp. First (and in no particular order), synthetic fibers began to take the place of natural fibers because of their lower cost to produce. Second, the political pressure by the timber industrialists who saw hemp as a threat to their wood-sourced paper-making efforts. Third, as you might guess, was the rise in the cultivation/processing/distribution of products from the ‘other’ strain of cannabis – the marijuana version.

Despite the obvious (?) differences between the two strains/varieties of cannabis (something government agencies still don’t seem to understand correctly), hemp was effectively banned in the US through heavy federal taxes
(the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937) imposed indiscriminately on all varieties of the cannabis plant.

Does this help you understand the current state of confusion?

Watch this space for more reasons for the confusion over the current legal state of affairs in the cannabis industry! Coming soon.

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