Choice – It’s What Makes Us Unique

Choice Is Our Gift

Of all the creatures on Earth – plants, animals, and humans – only mankind has the gift of Choice. We can CHOOSE how we act, how we react, how and what we think.

Plants can only do what is hard-coded into their genetics – sprout from a seed (if conditions are favorable), grow (if they can find the proper nutrients), and produce seed (if they last that long in their life cycle).

Animals are likewise limited only to the DNA in their cells – they are birthed, they avoid danger until they are grown, and they mate to produce offspring. Survival is their only objective – they recognize danger and attempt to avoid it. They may have to seek different ways to survive but these are not choices. Rather, they are genetic mechanisms at work to find ways to survive.

Mankind, on the other hand, is able to make choices. By analyzing different factors in their environments, in their experiences, in their specific needs, and in their desires, mankind is able to make choices on where to live, what to do to thrive, and how to think.

What Choice Is

Of course, since every human alive had thousands of generations ahead of him/her who survived, survival is high on their priority. But after survival is somewhat guaranteed, choice is the dominant factor in the rest of the human life.

We choose who we want to be around. We choose what we do with our time. We choose our occupations. We choose what we become in our lives. More importantly, we have the ability to CHANGE our Choices!

If we find that the people we associate with are not helping us become who we want to become, we can change who we hang around with. If we are not becoming what/who we want to become, we can choose to become something/someone else.

Sadly, we can also choose to remain where we are, who we are, and what we have become. We can, indeed, choose to not choose!

We are able to choose to let circumstances create our reality. We can surrender to the inborn dictate to avoid change – and stay safe!

We Make Choices

Making Choices

We can, however, also realize that it is within our power to choose to create circumstances that will bring about new realities. Those who do so always start by letting themselves think about or imagine a different outcome than that which their surroundings and circumstances would inevitably lead them to.

Unfortunately, most people who think about a new reality never believe they can create it. Indeed, Belief is the second step after the thought is firm.

We chose to entertain a thought about a different outcome. We can, and must, then choose to hold onto that thought and see that new outcome in as much detail as possible. Once we know the details of the outcome we desire, then we must choose to Believe it is possible, no, inevitable!

Plants have no ability to choose a different outcome for themselves.

Animals, although they may be able to learn a few things and, sometimes, appear to mimic us, are also totally unable to choose a different outcome in their lives.

Only we – you and I – can make such a choice.

Are you choosing to choose or are you choosing to not choose? That is the question!

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In my youngin' days, I grew up on a farm in Kansas. Now I live near an Air Base overseas and work my Network Business worldwide. What a switch, huh? Yes, I learned a lot over many years but the most important lesson I learned is "We ALL have a Choice as to what we want to achieve in life!" Welcome to Great Daily Choices blog!
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    • Rob Dunn says:

      Thanks you for the repost, Wes! My HempWorx CBD oil is coming next month. I am first trying our MyDailyChoice nutrition sprays this month. Super glad to hear CBD has helped you!

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