Choices Concerning Low Energy in Men – Pt 4

Why Men Have Low Energy (Serial) – Part 4

What Causes Low Energy in Men and What are Their Choices


The National Institute of Mental Health reports that six million men have depression each year. Depression is a psychological and physiological condition that can affect anyone. Symptoms of depression include:

feeling sad, empty, or hopeless
loss of interest in the world
difficulty concentrating
trouble sleeping
decreased energy
feeling “slowed down”
changes in weight


Depression is a treatable condition. Counseling and medication are widely available and effective. It’s dangerous to ignoreI-am-stronger-than-depression symptoms of depression. Severe untreated depression can potentially result in self-harm or even suicide.

Seek help – it IS available! Find someone to talk with who will listen and guide you out of this quagmire. Depression is not natural and you DO NOT NEED to stay there! You are too important to someone – do it for them.

A portion of this fourth excerpt (of seven) is from an article, published by, that was drawn from publications by the following organizations –

– National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability (NCHPAD)
– Sleep Foundation
– Mayo Clinic
– National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)

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