Keys to Success – Key #1 Bonus!

Key #1 – Clarity (Bonus)

Did you do what I recommended in my previous post on Clarity and start your Vision Board yet?

Stuck? Then watch this video. Whether you follow these tips or not, just do something to make your Vision Board now!

Vision Board

You need to really have Clarity before you get the next Key to Success, coming soon.

You don’t have to make all three boards, but it wouldn’t hurt, would it? You have nothing to lose but your Clarity – and if you are going to get everything you want, you have to start with a clear understanding of what it is that will get you there.

Surely you have seen enough detective shows on TV to know that having a board with everything on it that you are after helps to finally get it, right? This is much the same – detail after detail on everything you want staring you in the face everyday and working its way into your brain, pushing you forward and dragging you, kicking and punching, into your destiny!

Maybe you just want to make notes (I’m that kind!) or maybe you do better with pictures – it doesn’t matter. Just do it!

Patrick makes an interesting observation in the video. If you read the comments after the video, you will see that others also thought that having a board was not worth the effort. Maybe you think that, too. But just like Patrick and the others, you WILL find that creating your own Vision Board helps clear your mind, gets you thinking in the right direction, and solidifies your intent to get what you want.

That wouldn’t be so bad, would it?

Take the time and watch the video; it’s worth it if you want to be successful, if you want to make your Network Marketing business work.

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