Keys to Success – Key #1

A webinar I listened to the other morning taught me an important lesson about Success. I learned that there are just 3 main keys to achieving the success anyone wants, whether it is in relationships, business, or anything else. You need to start with Key #1 – Clarity.

The first of the three keys is Clarity.

Clarity is the defining of your Vision so clearly that you can feel the Success in your whole being. This is more than goals and decisions. It involves thinking strategically, long-term rather than just of single or incremental achievements.

A good way to get yourself thinking strategically, rather than tactically is to ‘see’ your final results.

  • Where will you be, mentally and/or physically?
  • Who will you be with?
  • What will you be doing?
  • How will you FEEL when you get there?

Using a Vision Board is a great way to define your strategy. Try making small notes about what you will achieve and putting them on your board. (Don’t hesitate to revise these notes every so often!)

Flesh out your board with pictures of your new environment, surroundings, lifestyle. (Don’t just put up pictures of ‘toys’ – they won’t really define the YOU that you are going to become.)

Add the most inspiring quotes you can find, i.e., ones that speak to the person you are going to become. That’s really the key – who you will become. It’s NOT about what you will have or even where you are going to be; it’s only somewhat about who you will be with and what you will be doing.

Your Vision Board is mostly about the changes you are going to be making IN YOURSELF – to Earn the right to be someone who deserves all the rest.

Develop a really clear picture of your future. The clearer the picture, the more likely you will be attracting the new life you want.

Clarity is just the first step and the most important step. Without Clarity, you won’t have any idea where you are going.

“If you don’t know where you are going, you will never get there!”

In the next post, Keys to Success – Key #2. we will talk about the second key that will lead to your success. Go ahead and take the time now to develop Clarity (start your Vision Board!), so that the next key makes sense and so that you can use it right away.

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In my youngin' days, I grew up on a farm in Kansas. Now I live near an Air Base overseas and work my Network Business worldwide. What a switch, huh? Yes, I learned a lot over many years but the most important lesson I learned is "We ALL have a Choice as to what we want to achieve in life!" Welcome to Great Daily Choices blog!
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