Keys to Success – Key #2

The first of the 3 Keys to Success is Clarity. If you didn’t read my earlier post on Key #1, read it now! This next Key assumes you have developed some Clarity.

Without gaining Clarity about what your Vision is, it can be very difficult to continue, so be sure you have at least some Clarity about who you are going to become.

The second of the three keys is Focus.

Once you have Clarity of your vision, and you know where you want to go, what you want to do, and who you want to become (to ‘earn’ what happens!), then you need to concentrate on making it happen!

You need to develop a strong sense of Focus!

In the previous lesson on grabbing Key #1 – Clarity (and in the Bonus post I gave you), one of the things I suggested is that you make yourself a Vision Board. Your Vision Board has positive quotes, notes about how/where/with whom you are going to live, as well as what you are going to be doing and any other particulars/photos about your new lifestyle. You must read/study your Vision Board several times each day.

By keeping the items on your Vision Board in front of your awareness, you will Focus on what you want. This involves, in many instances, suspending your current (soon to be past) beliefs about yourself and what you are capable of.

Your concentration, your Focus, on what is going to happen will begin to open your mind and eyes to new possibilities. With the Clarity you now have of your future, you will seek – even if unconsciously – ways to make that future a reality!

Your Focus will lead you to meet people, do things, read books, listen to audios, watch videos that you have never thought of before. Keeping an open mind and using the guidance of your Vision, you will make new things happen in your life by concentrating on what you and your lifestyle are going to become.

Make no mistake, Focus is hard! Not many of us strive to be Olympic athletes, but you know who will get the gold in the Olympics, right? It won’t be the ‘sometime’ athlete, the ‘weekend’ athlete, or the ‘whenever I feel like practicing’ athlete. It will be that dedicated, persistent, always training athlete – that one who FOCUSES on winning the gold medal!

Focus reveals the Plan you must follow. Focus tells you what you should be doing and also what you should NOT be doing any longer. Some of your friends may wonder why they don’t see you as much any more, and there will always be something trying to divert your attention. STAY FOCUSED!

In the next post, Keys toSuccess – Key #3, we will talk about the final key that will lead to your success. If you haven’t started your Vision Board yet, NOW is the time to set it up and start learning to Focus on it!

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