Week 23 – Frankenstein’s Spirit

Week 23 – Frankenstein’s Spirit

Haanel asks us this 23rd week of the MKMMA to “concentrate on the fact that man is not a body with a spirit, but a spirit with a body…

As we know now, our individual spirits are but tiny portions of the Universal Consciousness. I think of our essence as being like drops of water from an infinite ocean or maybe, like we saw recently in the Midwest, single twisters reaching down from immense clouds.

Spirit stories

Ian Troi as energySince I am a (admittedly old) Trekkie and sci-fi fan, I reminisce about the numerous stories of alien lifeforms assuming human form. (Deanna Troi, Star Trek: The Next Generation, giving accelerated birth to an alien being who wanted to experience human life; the beings in the 2009 Nicolas Cage film, Knowing, who wanted to save a couple of children from a soon-to-be-destroyed Earth; and numerous others that I’m sure many of my readers can remember.)

Even Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, as depicted in the Hugh Jackman movie,
Van Helsing, and Aaron Eckhart’s I, Frankenstein, Van Helsing Frankensteinalthough not a body inhabited by an alien, despite being brought to life by artificial means, found himself developing consciousness and, quite possibly, a soul.

None of the above examples have anything to do with what Haanel is asserting, of course, but they give us a hint. Our bodies are merely vessels to temporarily hold a higher spirit or being or consciousness.

Each of our spirits derives from an Omnipresent Spirit; our consciousness is part of an Omniscient Entity; our essence comes from the Universal Essence. We are but a minuscule mirror image of the Source, like a drop of water is but a reflection of an ocean.

So…the Purpose?

This tiny fragment of The Spirit that is in each of us has, in my mind, only one purpose – to awaken the destiny of other fragments. The way this proceeds is for one fragment to recognize it is a fragment of The Spirit and to channel the power of The Spirit to awaken at least one other fragment to the same realization.

Unfortunately, the temptations of the flesh, the physical human, are strong for those fragments that have been unaware of their access to the power and they go through (the human) life blissfully unaware that they are something more than human.

We COULD pity those tiny souls, but I do not think we should. The Eternal Spirit has a plan, I’m sure, and it involves more along the lines of letting each soul/spirit come to its own recognition of its portion of the Power than for any spirit to remonstrate against another spirit who does not recognize its essence yet.

Are you a believer in Reincarnation? I’m not yet sure I am, but it is an interesting thought that we, our human bodies, could be just hosts for bits of the Omniscient Source that need training in the recognition of their identity and place in the Divine Plan.

Life…Move up or Return?

How we learn to think, to put ‘choice’ between Stimuli and Response, to seek more than human pleasures, to build on previous advantages, to master our emotions (as Og encourages us this month), to pick up the strains of the music that others have articulated and continue to create new verses of the songs – these could be the lessons we, as fragments, must learn.

Spirit Fragments

Spirit Fragments – Is that what we are?

Will our spirits receive, if we excel at the test, a ‘place at the right hand of God’ or, if we fail, will we have to inhabit another body for further testing? None of us can know.

What to do then?

All we can do, therefore, is to Do Better! It is, apparently, in the best interest of ourselves, as well as the Universal Essence, that we take advantage of this short (human) duration to evolve, to engage in becoming more like (or at least worthy of) the Source, to recognize and revel in who/what we are, to contribute to the human progression, to promulgate the lessons we learned from our experiences, to affirm our right to return to The Source and accept our rewards.

The Natural Laws are our guidelines but our paths are a combination of Love, Gratitude, and Awareness. My wish for you, my reader, is that you give yourself permission to walk the path. I, myself, am also not cognizant of what awaits us at the end of the path but the journey is amazing!

8 responses to “Week 23 – Frankenstein’s Spirit”

  1. Robert Rea says:

    Looks like the comment on 22A went to wrong place?? OOOPPPS. Here I can see you are reaching out to grasp one of the most difficult concepts of Humans. Spirit, body & soul. I see the spirit we have as being the perfect image of God/Jesus. We have such power in us and many or MOST fail to ever go beyond the 5 senses. When we go into a Sit, there is much to the idea of being grateful to obtain the Harmony needed to access this dimension of us. The journey is easy, but taking it has been most difficult for so many or never taken at all.
    I’m glad you are in that search and journey.

    Joy, Peace & Light – BE – with you always; all ways.

    Robert Rea recently posted…Week 21 Reminiscing – Comfort Zone.My Profile

    • Rob Dunn says:

      Thank you, Robert! I think the fact that we are physically classified as ‘mammals’ is a hint. We can live as animals, steeped in our animal proclivities and desires, OR we can accept that we are the only species of mammals who REALIZE that we AREN’T just animals – that what makes us ‘human’ is what our existence is all about.
      Rob Dunn recently posted…Week 23 – Frankenstein’s SpiritMy Profile

  2. Thomas says:

    Great piece Rob, and excellent credo: Do Better! Thanks for that!

  3. Brenda Buck says:

    This is absolutely Awesome! Fragments- now, that we are! All quite capable of bringing our own individual pieces to create the Perfect, Whole puzzle of Human Progression, now out on the table, if we should just choose to do so.
    Brenda Buck recently posted…MK Week 23- The Regeneration FactorMy Profile

    • Rob Dunn says:

      Yep – fragments. We are whole and perfect but we are just a whole perfect piece of a gigantic, whole perfect jigsaw puzzle! We complete ourselves and our true selves shine when we find how we fit in the grandness of the Everything!

  4. Rip Yegerman says:

    “…give yourself permission to walk the path.” WOW! Doesn’t that open a whole new can of worms? How do I give myself permission? What permission am I giving myself? What path? What am I pretending not to know? How do I know if I am just pretending not to know? Yikes!…I could go on for a while… lol. Thanks for exciting and opening my inquisitive side…again 😉 Grateful to be on this journey with you!

    • Rob Dunn says:

      Thank you, Rip. It’s great to walk with you, too! Never stop asking questions – it’s how we figure out this physical world and how we learn to relate with our fellow travelers. But the most important answers we will ever get come from the questions we ask of ourselves. Just keep refining the questions until you get the right answers!

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