Net-?what? NetWORK?

That’s right! You need to NetWORK!

Sorry. But you did NOT hear me wrong! Network. Net-work. NetWORK! 

Networking is one thing we humans have learned to do well – we do it all the time! We all build small ‘nets’ of people to share our different interests with.

Building your networks

If we are into gardening, we love to talk gardening with other gardeners. If woodworking is our thing, we often seek out other wood craftsmen with whom we can talk about it. Whenever you have any interest or hobby, you can build a ‘network’ of people around it. You could join a network of other devotees of the subject matter; or you might just start a network to find others with the same interest. And networks overlap!

When you network with others, you often find out other things they may have an interest in. Some will not be to your taste; some you may want to find out more about. So how do you ‘network’ with others? 

And when it comes to your own particular business, what are the best ways to network that will help you reach your goals?  To put it bluntly, until you learn to network effectively, you will struggle with this business! So…Let’s go over some good ways to network, ok? 

Ways to Effectively Build Your Net

(For example purposes, I will use a health product I promote – a transdermal HGH gel.)

 1. Take a look at your current ‘nets’. If you know people who are the athletic type, e.g., weight- lifters, runners, or sports players, you have a great Net! You might know a parent or grandparent who claims they don’t have enough energy to keep up with the kids – you have a great Net! And if you know anyone who has trouble sleeping or would like to control their moods better (because of hormonal swings), you have a great Net! 

2. As you think about these ‘nets’ above, you might realize that you do NOT have people like that in your life. It would be to your advantage, then, to join or get to know people in one or more of them. Even if you don’t prefer to be in one of these ‘nets’, you can ask people who you do get together with if they are in any ‘nets’ like these or know people who are. 

3. Start NOW to expand whatever network you are in, no matter what it is about. The more people you are networked with, the easier it will be to find someone who would be interested in your product and/or an opportunity to make extra money through THEIR networks! 

4. Always remember that the goal is NOT necessarily to build an extensive network by yourself. Instead, your goal is to find a few interested people who already have the networks that, when approached, could build your downline in depth! 

Happy Networking!

About Rob Dunn

In my youngin' days, I grew up on a farm in Kansas. Now I live near an Air Base overseas and work my Network Business worldwide. What a switch, huh? Yes, I learned a lot over many years but the most important lesson I learned is "We ALL have a Choice as to what we want to achieve in life!" Welcome to Great Daily Choices blog!
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