Value vs “It’s too expensive”

One of the biggest fears of Network Marketers, who aren’t projecting VALUE, is coming face-to-face with this statement from prospects –

“It’s so expensive!”


You and I both know that many, if not most, products sold through the Network Marketing/MLM model are more expensive than store brands. And we know that
– IF WE LET THEM – most people will place higher emphasis on the cost of our products than on what we tell them about all the benefits our products offer them!

So what’s a Network Marketer to do to avoid hearing those dreaded three words? “It’s too expensive!”

First of all, get in the right mindset. You are NOT selling store brands. You are NOT representing the cheapest item on the market. Instead, you ARE selling Premium Products. You ARE representing items of high VALUE in a world of mediocre products!

(Do you REALLY think Coca-Cola, Black and Decker, and Mercedes spend any serious time worrying about cheaper competition and rip-offs?)

Secondly, NIP their objections in the bud, right away! And I mean Right Away – before they ever get to say “But that’s so much more expensive than what I can get at Costco!”

Here’s a quick script (extrapolated from a video by Kim Klaver) to use when someone asks “So what do you do?”:

“I represent and sell the highest quality products to people who…

(pick one)

  • are conscientious about the health products and medicines they use.
  • value better, natural health for themselves or their family.
  • prefer helping their body achieve maximum efficiency.
  • are tired of hearing about drug side-effects.
  • want more than ‘band-aid’ drugs that mostly just cover up the causes of illness.

(and follow with this statement)

“Do you know anyone like that who might be interested in learning about such products?”

By using this script, you will immediately increase the perceived VALUE of our products in your prospect’s mind and they will automatically realize that the price may be a bit higher than what they are used to. They will actually be reluctant to say the dreadful three words! This should also allow you to determine if your prospect is a fit for further engagement.

If they DO NOT SAY something like

  • “Hey, I might be interested. Tell me more.” or
  • “Sure, my friend is an athlete and he is always griping about the chemicals in food.” or
  • “My sister was complaining yesterday about how the medicines she is taking seem to make her feel worse.”

then change the subject to something they are interested in (themself?) and enjoy your chat.

Take the script above, with whatever option in the second part you prefer, and write it down. Memorize it (it’s short!) and use it in any conversation where your occupation comes up.

Find those who have the VALUES that are compatible with the products you represent and make more sales and get more people interested in joining you in this business. Happy sorting!

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Sponsor ‘Em Right!

What do the words sponsor, respond/response and responsibility have in common?

Actually, they all have their origin from the Latin spondere, which means ‘to pledge’ or ‘to promise’.

In earlier times, a master craftsman would ‘sponsor’ an apprentice, taking on the responsibility to teach, train, respond to questions, and, in many instances, provide room and board for a young person.

These days there are two main meanings for the word ‘sponsor’. I’m sure you know many sponsors of organizations, events, sports teams, etc. In this use, the sponsor ‘pledges’ to provide financial assistance to the person, group, event they are sponsoring.

The military makes use of the second meaning by assigning sponsors to provide assistance to newcomers, helping to introduce the newcomer to the unit and the support facilities available. In the best scenario, the sponsor would be in contact with the newly assigned person well before they even arrive. By getting to know the needs, interests and expectations of the newcomer, the sponsor helps make the transition into the new assignment smooth and pleasurable.

In Network Marketing, a sponsor does much the same thing. As a sponsor to a new enrollee, your primary job is to quickly give him/her the ‘lay of the land’ – enough info about the product, company, opportunity, pay plan, resources and support system to get them up and running.

One of the most important functions of sponsoring Network Marketers is to SORT them by their intentions (being a customer or distributor), their willingness to learn, and their level of activity. All of these allow you to find the ones you need to focus most of your sponsoring on.

Obviously, one of the first things most of them will want to know is how to enroll people that they can sponsor. Ray Higdon insists that the most effort, at the start for sure, is to learn how to recruit people, i.e., how to get them to enroll. Todd Falcone refers us to the salesperson method of ‘recruiting’ – Tell, Show, Try, and Do.

Tell your newbie how you enrolled them (and others).

Show them what you do, i.e., do it with them watching.

Let them Try to do what you do – and give them pointers where needed.

Allow them to Do it! (And be sure to give them proper recognition when they deserve it!)

As you focus on your ‘promise’ to help them and deliver on that promise by teaching them all you know and what you do, you will, in turn, develop a good team of Sponsors who do the same thing. Before long, your team is growing and expanding, all without your personal involvement in their progress. (This allows you yourself to continue recruiting and sponsoring more good people!)

So, here’s to being a great Sponsor! Your best is within you – let it out!

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The Prospect’s ‘Bark’!

My dog barks – a lot! And for a small Maltese, his bark is really LOUD, too.

If you have spent any time around dogs, you have probably spent days, months or years – like I have – trying to decipher what each bark means.

Some barks are easy. The warning bark, the threatening bark, the happy bark, even the “I’m hungry!” bark.

The other day, my dog, Tex (so named because he THINKS he is big!),  was riding with me in the car when I went to get gas. Although he often sits in my car and barks (like I said LOUDLY) at motorcycles and bicycles going by, he usually stands quietly at my window while I pump gas in my car.

This time, he started barking wildly at another car that pulled up on the other side of the pump. It sounded to me like he was doing the “I really hate motorcycles” bark, but it was just a car and two people who got out to show ID and pump gas. This barking bothered me and I scolded Tex and tried to quiet him, but he kept at it. I then turned to look at the people from the other car and realized that the lady was someone he knew (she worked at the bank and I often carried him with me when I went in to conduct business there).

He was barking at the lady. And, even though I have heard him barking for 8 years, I realized that I hadn’t really ‘heard’ this bark. He was not barking at her wildly or madly or threateningly at all; he was barking at a friend and just wanted her attention, like he often got at the bank.

Sure enough, as soon as I asked her to come over and say ‘Hi’ to Tex, he calmed down and his tail was wagging like crazy. He just wanted her to recognize him, talk to him, and pet him on the head.

I got to thinking…

How often do we ‘mis-hear’ what our prospects (friends or strangers) are saying to us? Do we misinterpret their words, body language, and pregnant pauses as disinterest or even downright hostility?

Maybe what they are really saying is “Do you really care about me and what I want?” Or “When are you going to get off the ‘pitch’ and talk to me like a real person?” Or “Tell me how you are going to help ME with my problems instead of how much my wallet will help YOU!”

By listening to our prospects and by choosing to speak with friendliness and curiosity, we may just find that it is not that difficult to get them to consider looking at our proposition (product or opportunity). We may find that recognizing, paying attention to, and honoring the people we talk with often work more to our advantage than bluster, pitches, and ‘guilt trips’ do.

The lesson I learned from Tex is to listen to the barks with a more open mind. How about you?

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Why? vs Why Not?

As Network Marketers, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and as anyone seeking SUCCESS, we have been encouraged to find our ‘WHY’.

Having a firmly and precisely worded WHY provides us with Purpose and Motivation, helps us develop Dedication and Commitment, arms us with Patience and Persistence.

The trouble is that many people cannot seem to describe a really worthwhile WHY for themselves. They try to set goals or objectives without knowing their true WHY. And that leads to frustration, indecisiveness, and then dissatisfaction with their choice. Eventually, they have nothing to sustain their effort and something knocks them off-track.

What to do? Try taking some time to think of your WHY NOTs first!

WHY would it NOT be good to have extra time for your family? (Think not having time to take your spouse and kids on fantastic vacations, not being able to participate in school activities, not being home when your kids and spouse need you.)

WHY would it NOT be good to help others have better lives? (Think not being able to enhance your community’s well-being, not developing great relationships, not being trusted, not having friends look up to you and count on you.)

WHY would it NOT be good to have more money? (Think not living in a better neighborhood, not having less debt, not sending your kids to college or better schools, not having money at the end of the month instead of month at the end of your money.)

Make yourself aware of the pain you (and those around you) would go through if you did NOT succeed! Let yourself Feel how let-down you would be if you did NOT make others’ lives better, NOT have more time to spend with your family, NOT have an extra income coming in.

Once you are vibrantly aware of your WHY NOTs, it’s pretty easy to come up with your real WHYs!

Write down at least some, if not all, of your WHY NOTs and turn them into your WHYs. Prove to yourself that there are REASONS WHY you can do nothing else but succeed in your endeavor. Show yourself what you would deprive your family, friends and community of if you do NOT make this work. And then find out what you need to know and do in order to make sure you never come face-to-face with a WHY NOT again.

I think the only advice I can give you on how to live your life well is, first off, remember… it’s not the things we do in life that we regret on our deathbed, it is the things we do not.
~ Randy Pausch

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Routines Determine Your Successes

Any business (and most jobs) requires that you follow certain routines in order to accomplish the tasks needed to get you from Opening time to Closing time.

Take for example stocking a grocery store.

You clock in and put on your stocker’s smock and immediately walk through the sections of the store that you are responsible for stocking. You make note of what areas need stocked immediately and the priorities of what needs stocked throughout the shift.

You then go to the stockroom and inventory your stock, pulling what needs to be stocked. If a delivery arrives, you may have to move products into the stockroom and put them in the right place.

You stock the most important areas first and mentally plan out the rest of your stocking duties.

In other words, you have a routine to follow in order to get done everything that needs to be done before your shift is over.

It’s EXACTLY how you need to operate your Network Marketing business. In order to be successful, you need to set up and FOLLOW routines, ones that will incrementally increase your marketing exposure so that more and more people learn to Know, Like, and Trust you and come to you to buy your product or join you in the opportunity.

Whether you are marketing your product or your opportunity, whether you market online or offline, you need to have routines so that you maximize your time and your potential results.

It’s a fact – to do any task successfully, you need to follow a procedure, a plan, a routine in order to get from A to B to C to D.

Your main activities in your Network Marketing business are: 1) Inviting, 2) Collecting decisions, and 3) Following up with those who qualify.

Start with the task/activity of Inviting; set up your routine for Inviting (follow that routine like your business depended on it – IT DOES!); then do the same with the other activities.

I hope you got something out of this. If it helped, leave a comment.

Til next time!

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Rejection? Ha!

“I failed 3 times in college. I applied 30 times to get a job but I have always been rejected. When KFC came to China for the first time, we were 24 to apply and I was the only one to be dismissed. I wanted to go into the police and of 5 postulants, I was the only one not to be accepted. I applied 10 times to return to Harvard University USA and I was rejected. “

Jack Ma, Alibaba Creator and holder of the 22nd highest World fortune according to Forbes in 2015 with $ 29.8 billion.

Jack Ma


Never give up because you failed once – or twice. Know that failure is sometimes just a way to reach your intended destination!!

As John Paul DeJoria puts it,

The biggest hurdle is rejection. Any business you start, be ready for it. The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is the successful people do all the things the unsuccessful people don’t want to do. When 10 doors are slammed in your face, go to door number 11 enthusiastically, with a smile on your face.

If you have issues dealing with rejection, try this exercise. Pick something that you are trying to build or put together that involves a repetitive action, like laying down bricks for a garden pathway, hammering in nails as you build a birdhouse, or putting cookie dough on the baking sheet.

As you are ready to take the first action say “NO” out loud 19 times and then one “YES!”. On “YES!”, lay the first brick, hit the first nail, place the first scoop of dough on the pan. Pain in the butt, right?

Now get ready for the second action and say “NO” out loud 18 times and then “YES!” twice. Do the action twice. Say “NO” 17 times and then “YES!” 3 times. Do the action on each “YES!”. You’re not getting much done yet, are you? It looks like you will never accomplish your task.

But keep going, saying “NO” one less time and “YES!” one more time each time. Keep taking your action on each “YES!”. Pretty soon, you will be saying “NO” 10 times and “YES!” 10 times, then “NO” 5 times and “YES!” 15 times. Go on this way until you say “NO” twice and “YES!” 18 times and keep repeating that sequence. (There will ALWAYS be some “NO”s!)

Do you think the “NO”s (the REJECTION) will keep you from completing the task? I don’t think so! If nothing else, you will find yourself rushing through the “NO”s to get to the “YES!”s!

That is a small secret to SUCCESS!

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Choices Concerning Low Energy in Men – Pt 7Final

Why Men Have Low Energy (Serial) – Part 7

What Causes Low Energy in Men and What are Their Choices

A. Increase energy with diet and exercise

Fatigue may result from poor diet and a lack of exercise.

Exercise might be the last thing you want to do with low energy.Senior Man Exercising But getting the blood pumping with just a 30-minute walk, at least 5 times a week, can put a spring in your step. Regular exercise can decrease fatigue and improve the quality of your sleep.

Diet is also a big factor in fighting fatigue. Eating portion-controlled meals and healthful snacks throughout the day can be beneficial in fueling your system. A diet of fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, whole grains, lean protein, and plenty of water can give you much more energy.

Fried food, high-fat foods, and highly processed foods like candy, chips, and soda should be limited. These foods can drain energy levels and give you sugar highs and lows that result in fatigue.

B. Talk to your doctor

Everyone deals with occasional fatigue and low energy. In most cases, this isn’t a cause for concern. But if your energy level doesn’t improve with diet, exercise, or better sleep habits, or if it worsens, see your doctor to rule out a more serious health problem.

A portion of this seventh excerpt (of seven) is from an article, published by, that was drawn from publications by the following organizations –

– National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability (NCHPAD)
– Sleep Foundation
– Mayo Clinic
– National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)

For potential assistance in balancing your body’s functions, alleviating some of the effects of medical conditions, breaking substance dependence, and for recommendations to alleviate low energy, like and follow my Facebook page –

Thank you for following me on this 7-part journey! I sincerely hope something in this series helps you overcome some/any issues you have with low energy, a need to take naps to rebuild your energy, or any other  problem you have with sleeplessness, keeping up with your family, or feeling your best!

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Choices Concerning Low Energy in Men – Pt 6

Why Men Have Low Energy (Serial) – Part 6

What Causes Low Energy in Men and What are Their Choices

Deeper concerns

Fatigue can be an important symptom of deeper health issues. Conditions that can cause fatigue include:

liver failure
kidney failure
heart disease
chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
type 1 and type 2 diabetes
chronic fatigue syndrome

(If you have or suspect that you have any of the above conditions, do not hesitate – See Your Doctor RIGHT AWAY! Fatigue may be caused by these conditions, but in reality fatigue is not what you need to be worried about. Get a handle on the cause of the fatigue and avoid other, more serious, effects.)


Medications can also cause fatigue, including certain pain medications, heartFatigue from medications medications, blood pressure drugs, and some types of antidepressants.

(Should you feel any medications are the underlying cause of your fatigue, get expert medical help. A simple request to your doctor to change medications to avoid fatigue often gives dramatic improvement.)

Substance Dependence

Fatigue can also result from excessive caffeine consumption, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, and the use of antihistamines and cough medications.

(We hope it is obvious, in these situations, that you may need to make some lifestyle changes. Ask for help from a qualified counselor to guide you out of over-dependence on such substances.)

A portion of this sixth excerpt (of seven) is from an article, published by, that was drawn from publications by the following organizations –

– National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability (NCHPAD)
– Sleep Foundation
– Mayo Clinic
– National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)

For potential assistance in balancing your body’s functions, alleviating some of the effects of medical conditions, and breaking substance dependence, like and follow my Facebook page –

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Choices Concerning Low Energy in Men – Pt 5

Why Men Have Low Energy (Serial) – Part 5

What Causes Low Energy in Men and What are Their Choices

Iron(-less) Man

Iron-deficiency anemia is usually more common in women than men. However, all types of anemia can be a cause of chronic low energy and fatigue. Low iron levels in men can result from a poorly balanced vegetarian diet, frequent blood donation, or internal bleeding from, for example, the stomach or intestinal tract. Other forms of anemia can be caused by vitamin deficiencies such as low levels of vitamin B-12 or folate.

Depending on the cause, anemia symptoms can include:

extreme fatigue
pale skin
shortness of breath
strange cravings to eat non-food items (dirt, ice, clay)
tingling in the hands and feet
tongue swelling or soreness

Other complications can include irregular heartbeat and a decreased ability to exercise.


If you are vegetarian, make sure you include servings of leafy Iron-rich Foodsgreens, such as spinach, kale, swiss chard, collard and beet greens, and other greens like broccoli, as well as lentils and beans, nuts and seeds, grains (for example whole wheat, brown rice and fortified breakfast cereals), and/or dried fruit.

Should you donate blood often, increasing your intake of iron supplements or iron-rich foods should help.

If you suspect or know that you have internal bleeding, you MUST see a doctor to determine the cause and treatment and to determine the best way to increase your iron intake.

A portion of this fifth excerpt (of seven) is from an article, published by, that was drawn from publications by the following organizations –

– National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability (NCHPAD)
– Sleep Foundation
– Mayo Clinic
– National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)

For potential assistance in balancing your body’s functions, like and follow my Facebook page –

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Choices Concerning Low Energy in Men – Pt 4

Why Men Have Low Energy (Serial) – Part 4

What Causes Low Energy in Men and What are Their Choices


The National Institute of Mental Health reports that six million men have depression each year. Depression is a psychological and physiological condition that can affect anyone. Symptoms of depression include:

feeling sad, empty, or hopeless
loss of interest in the world
difficulty concentrating
trouble sleeping
decreased energy
feeling “slowed down”
changes in weight


Depression is a treatable condition. Counseling and medication are widely available and effective. It’s dangerous to ignoreI-am-stronger-than-depression symptoms of depression. Severe untreated depression can potentially result in self-harm or even suicide.

Seek help – it IS available! Find someone to talk with who will listen and guide you out of this quagmire. Depression is not natural and you DO NOT NEED to stay there! You are too important to someone – do it for them.

A portion of this fourth excerpt (of seven) is from an article, published by, that was drawn from publications by the following organizations –

– National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability (NCHPAD)
– Sleep Foundation
– Mayo Clinic
– National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)

For potential assistance in balancing your body’s functions, improving your mood, and relieving the ‘fog’ that might be surrounding you, like and follow my Facebook page –

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